I am the Director of the writing center, The Writing Collaboratory, and an Associate Professor of English in the Business, Media, and Writing Department at Centenary University. Formerly an English adjunct at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY and the founder of the online writing tutor program at the College of Saint Elizabeth, I have dedicated my research, teaching, and administrative work to helping students navigate expectations of composing in the university using social justice pedagogical frameworks.

I earned a Bachelor of Art in English with a writing concentration from the College of Saint Elizabeth and a Master of Arts in American and English literature from Fordham University. 10371461_10152048162827245_7642954676366435332_n (1) While working on my PhD concentrating in composition and rhetoric in the English department at the CUNY Graduate Center, I also completed a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from the Center for the Study of Women and Society.

My research interests include feminist rhetorical studies, writing center praxis, writing program administration, queer theory and rhetorics, feminist materialism, assemblage theory, and social justice in student support services. My dissertation, “Assessing the Cyborg Center: Assemblage-Based, Feminist Frameworks Toward Socially-Just Writing Center Assessments,” uses archival methods and critical discourse analysis to examine a case study of one writing center’s assessment practices, and makes connections between writing center studies, assessment research, and intersectional feminist approaches to assemblage theory to foreground arguments for assemblage-based antiracist assessment protocols in writing centers.

I live in Northwest New Jersey with my husband, Dave, and two cats, Rocky and Blues. I’m an avid gardener and cook, a beer and coffee enthusiast, and a New Jersey Devils hockey fan. When I’m not on campus, I’m working as a co-owner and marketing manager of Buttzville Brewing Company in Washington, NJ.